Small Fiber Laser Cutter CZM-FIB 1390C

High-Speed Table. Machines from the CZM-FIB 1390C series are the perfect choice for customers who require a combination of small dimensions, low labor costs, and fast cutting of small parts. Our Small Fiber Laser Cutter, the CZM-FIB 1390C, is known for its precision and efficiency. Machines from this series are ideal for small workshops and customers who are embarking on their journey with machines utilizing fiber laser technology.

  1. The closed construction made of plates and profiles with a compact design saves space in the workshop.
  2. The machine moves rapidly while maintaining high precision, even up to 100m/min.
  3. The maximum acceleration is 1.2G.
  4. A modern look in a compact design.
  5. World-class laser sources and cutting heads are installed in the machine.


Technical parameters:

Laser Power
Laser Type
Wavelenght 1070nm
Z axis movement
Precision ±0.03mm/m
Accuracy ±0.02mm
Energy consumption
Cooling method
Table size
  • 900x1300mm

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